7 joyous New Year's food traditions from around the world

7 joyous New Year’s food traditions from around the world




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As you’re counting down the minutes until the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve, you might need a little nosh

Though it’s tempting to just break out something cheesy and delicious, now is the time to summon all the good luck you can for the coming year

These tasty New Year’s treats from around the world are said to bring luck. Some can help you let go of the old year; others are just excuses to eat craveworthy food

Spain — grapes

Champagne & Fruit

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If you’re in Barcelona on Dec. 31, prepare to eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight. These “miraculous grapes” are eaten to bring prosperity in the new year and purportedly became popular in 1909 when a group of vintners wanted to sell excess grapes from an especially good harvest. To indulge in this stateside, be sure to get seedless grapes so your first memory of the new year isn’t gagging Read more…

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7 joyous New Year’s food traditions from around the world