America, please leave Australia's David Koch alone

America, please leave Australia’s David Koch alone



America, David Koch wants to tell you he is not that David Koch.

Australian David Koch (pronounced “Cosh”) is in fact a morning television presenter who goes by the name “Kochie.” He has written a book of dad jokes and considers himself a finance god to Australians

American David Koch (pronounced “Coke”) is a billionaire, has a brother named Charles and is a financial god to the Republican Party

The Koch Brothers plan on injecting some $900 million (A$1.3 billion) through their network to back conservative politics in the lead up the 2016 presidential election, and some people are not happy about it. Unfortunately for the Australian David Koch, he is the one being targeted by the haters, as mega rich David Koch doesn’t seem to have a Twitter account Read more…

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America, please leave Australia’s David Koch alone